Our Home Seller Services

In today's market, it is imperative that you are able to attain your goal quickly and with least amount of hassles. After selling hundreds of homes over 12 years, we know what it really takes to help you get what you want in a easy and efficient fashion. See below for a brief description of our proven and trusted consumer programs.

For Home Sellers

Please be aware that we earn our commission and wholeheartedly make every effort to sell your home Fast, For Top Dollar & Without any hassle. PRE-Marketing: Before listing your property for sale, We invest THOUSANDS of Dollars Up-Front to prepare your home for sale!

Here's What We Do:

1. Free Staging: We stage your home by hiring a professional staging company to stage your home with furniture, plants, art work, etc. to show the property in the best light possible.


2. Free Professional Cleaning: We hire professional Cleaners to Clean Your Home before we take photos!.


3. Free Professional Photography: We hire Professional Photographers to Photograph your home which will in turn cause more buyers to want to view your home in person!


4. Free Termite Inspection Report: We hire a termite company to inspect your home to determine up front if there will be any termites that will have to be taken care of.


5. Free Interior Designing Consulation: If your home doesn't need to be staged, we hire a interior designer to give us advice on things to move around, take away or change.


6. Free Handy Man Service: We hire a handyman to fix or repair anything that needs to be fixed in order to market the property better (up to 4 hours free).


7. Course Videos: We will give you 100% Free access to Lepe Tendwell's HomeSeller University which are dozen's of video's that cover all facets of the real estate Selling process.

Marketing: This is how we generate multiple offers quickly and sell your home for Top Dollar:

Consumer Program:

1. We kick off the marketing by including your home in the "broker's open caravan" which will expose your home to top area brokers!


2. Then we advertise your home for sale and set up on our unique "1 Hour Open House" which will attract all buyers at the same time to visit your home causing the "Auction Effect"


3. We promote our unique "Everyday Openhouse" afterwards in order to make the property available to all buyers by offering flexible times


4. Our Talking House Ads - We allow the buyers to call at anytime without pressure to speak to an agent, then after our 800# records their info, we aggressively follow up.


5. Buyer profile systems - We call & email over 3,500 active buyers "in waiting" that we have on our websites looking for homes online and promote your home to them.


6. Reverse Offer System - if within a week or two we haven't generated an offer but have generated showings, we will submit a reverse offer to those buyers!


7. City-Wide Buyer Agents Network - We will submit your listing to all 21,000 real estate licensees in San Diego and all their buyers, these are licensees that like doing business with us.


8. Guaranteed Sale Program - We can create solid offers on your home by Guaranteeing the sale of your potential buyers home, therefore allowing them to feel comfortable writing a non-contingent offer on your home!

Once We Receive Offers!

1. We will use our 12 years experience to help you negotiate the best terms and price.


2. We Coordinate every aspect of the "Escrow" process which includes: 

a. open escrow and give the escrow company all pertinent info and contracts

b. coordinate all inspections including: home inspection, appraisal, termite inspection, roof, etc.

c. help you review and explain all reports you receive in a easy understandable fashion.

d. make sure that the lender is on top of the buyers loan and that things are going smoothly

e. make sure that you don't breach any time frames or terms within the contract

f. monitor the buyers side of the transaction and make sure they are doing what they agreed to in the contract.

g. successfully manage the removal of all contingencies to make sure the buyers don't cancel and keep their deposit!

h. coordinate the successful transfer of title and transfer of ownership (make sure you get your money on time!)